Mission Statement of the Oregon Latvian Society

The mission of the Oregon Latvian Society is to unite all Latvians and people of Latvian descent living in the state of Oregon and elsewhere, as well as those who wish to belong to the Society, by fostering and popularizing Latvian identity, environment, traditions, culture, language and community.

Goals of the Oregon Latvian Society:

– unite and maintain contacts among Latvians;

– engage both Latvian speakers and those who do not speak Latvian in the work and activities of the Society, creating opportunities for them to participate;

– strengthen, maintain and popularize the Latvian language, its culture, and history, and work to keep the Latvian identity alive, also by providing financial support to individuals and organizations that support this in their work in the US and Latvia;

– popularize the Oregon Latvian Society and also Latvia itself;

– preserve and maintain the decades-long history and traditions of the Oregon Latvian Society;

– work with Latvian organizations in other states and cities of the US;

– actively participate in activities concerning the independence of Latvia and the Baltic states and their future existence, also by providing financial support;

– represent the professional, legal and other interests of the Oregon Latvian Society at congresses of the American Latvian Society and the American Latvian Youth Association;

– foster the preservation of Latvians as a nation for future generations.